Enter The Fire

Hi Everyone!!

Sorry I have not posted much here lately.  I have lots of fun news to share, starting with a gig I finished in March called ENTER THE FIRE.  I recently got the opportunity to shoot a movie in San Francisco called Enter The Fire directed by Phil Gorn. It was my first martial arts genre film and I had a great time on set with everyone.  One of the high points was working with one of my childhood heroes, Lou FerrignoLou is a lovely man – the personification of Gentle Giant!

Here I’m talking with my younger brother, played by Ian Lauer.  We had so much fun working together! Ian is a great guy with a fantastic physique and a phenomenal work ethic.

On the streets of San Francisco in front of the restaurant that my character owns.

In real life, the restaurant is actually a fantastic eatery called TACKO owned by producer Doug Marschke.

Having a heart to heart with director Phil Gorn outside the MMA ring on the set of Enter the Fire.

It has been a busy year so more updates to come!!

All Things Possible!!

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  1. Notgonebutsometimesforgetful

    Great to hear! Yeah, I’m still around, just less computer usage than before, since the workplace has gotten super-anal and ALL BLOGS have become VERBOTTEN on the work computers! Which does nothing to EVERYONE ELSE who have cell phones now. Which I still DON’T. And I still haven’t acquired one of these contrapshuns of my own yet! But I plan too soon–I think. I prefer to invest in THE BEST DOGS IN THE WORLD, which live at my house. Meanwhile, I’m at the public library with all the other community tecnho-losers getting caught up on some of my fave-o-rite blogs! Hope everyone is doing okay, and remembering ATP! Yer blog pal, L. B.

    • ChristopherShowerman

      Great to hear from you Lane!!! Hope everything is going phenomenal for you!!! Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. I’ve been away from your site to long as well Chris. Catching up on all you’ve been doing now (Enter the Fire and now Encounter which I see must have just wrapped). Plus catching your appearance on “Agents of SHIELD” – you’ve been very busy which I know is the way you like it! ATP my friend!

    • ChristopherShowerman

      Perfect timing Dave! Yes, I just got back from Georgia last night. Epic cast and ridiculously fun time with everyone there.
      Thanks for the note! Hope your 2017 is going phenomenal as well my friend!!!!

  3. Susan ParchetA

    This is a good spot for me to chime in with best wishes for ATP Birthday fun! Have a great year ahead with these amazing projects!

    • ChristopherShowerman

      Thank you so much Sue!!! And thank you for the beautiful card you sent for my birthday in June!! Hope you had a wonderful summer too!!! 🙂