Thank You!


Check out this lovely card made for me by my friend Paige from Virginia!

What a year this has been!  I have been lucky enough to get to do a lot of work this year with a lot of really wonderful people.  Had a lot of laughs and made a lot of memories!!  You have all brought me countless smiles and feelings of good will for which I’m forever grateful.

Earlier this year I got to shoot a movie for the Lifetime channel directed by my friend Steven Monroe.  I got to play an FBI agent and it just aired last month by the name “Online Abduction“.

A few days later, the movie I wrote and directed, Radio America, released on various platforms in North America.  You can order it through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy.  You can also stream it on demand via Comcast, Verizon, Charter, MGO, Vudu, MS, and Google Play.  With more outlets coming soon!

An album of songs is also recently available from that movie!

I have been doing a live play locally here for the holidays. It is a heartwarming piece based on a short story by Truman Capote loosely based on his experiences growing up in Alabama with his cousins.

And I just finished shooting my second episode of Supergirl. It’s a great show that has wonderful empowering themes. I’m proud to be a part of it, even if I may play an operative of the dark side. 😉

Though we had to say goodbye to our sweet dog Scout this summer, we’re grateful that she is no longer suffering from cancer. And our pitbull Sophie is loving the many new human and K9 friends she has made at our new home!

And just while I have been thinking about all the things I have to be thankful for, my world seems a little brighter and better! Turns out it’s true that if you turn your focus in a certain direction, you’ll just naturally experience more of that feeling. So I suggest turning off all of the negative headline news and resist those conversations that lure you into complaining and feeling helpless. And rather start focusing on all of the great things you have going on in your life (there are tons of them, I promise!!) and all the power you have on the things in your immediate circle of influence!  Your world might actually get a little brighter too!!

And Happy Holidays!!

All Things Possible!!


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  1. Tim

    When you enjoy what you do it becomes something other than “work”, other than a “job”. You obviously enjoy and have passion for what you do. Here’s hoping that 2016 brings you more of what you experienced in 2015!

    Happy Holidays


  2. I’m looking forward to watching you on “Supergirl!” I think it’s a great show and have only missed one episode so far (DVR mishap…). When I heard you had a new “heroic” TV role I had hoped it was for Supergirl – good guy or bad guy, I know I’ll like it.

    It has been a busy year for you and I hope that next year is even more so! Thanks for the great positive thoughts. Happy Holidays and have an ATP New Year!

  3. Computer Functonally Illiterate

    Oh man, so sorry to hear about Scout……Did I ever relate on here the amazing dream I had about looking for my deceased dogs? If not, let me know and I will–it has given me a lot of comfort in that regard…. And you got a new home? Better? Worse?….. And you are in “Supergirl”(etc. etc.)? A LOT has been happening out your way! I haven’t seen any Supergirl episodes yet, but now I’m gonna havta try! I DO get regular peasant-non-cableized TV…..L.B.

    • ChristopherShowerman

      Thanks Lane! I’d love to hear about your dream of dogs past! Sounds like my kind of story!!

  4. Dream Weaver

    I have shared this dream I had with numerous folks, so I fergit where I’ve told about it and where I haven’t! And not to get too “new-agey” on you guys, but it WAS an INTENSE, amazing dream! I pay attention to my sleeping dreams–I’ve had quite a few come true and/or instruct me about things to ignore them! Usually, when I’m having ONE OF THOSE dreams(as opposed to the hodge-podge, nonsensical mish-mash most typical dreams are), it IS OBVIOUS, as it will be CRYSTAL CLEAR, and I’ll remember amazing detail about them, even YEARS later! This Dog Dream was one of THOSE……In the dream, I was searching for my scattered pack(not unusual in real life, as I’ve always taken many dogs for runs at the same time!), and was looking for dogs that were actually now DECEASED in particular. I was quite worried, searching and searching for them, as I hadn’t seen them in so long! I was out in a Winter forest–EVERY DETAIL was crystal clear–it was very cold and wet(but not snowy), rain droplets dripping from branches like diamonds–I could see them in beautiful detail! Despite the cold, wet, foggy forest, I was quite comfortable–warm and dry–and seemed to be wearing this grey cloak that covered me completely. It was the only thing not very detailed in appearance–it seemed to be made up of a grey, condensed mist or fog, rather than cloth of some kind. I kept calling various(long deceased) dogs, and suddenly, when I was calling my first wolf-dog, his head appeared right from that misty cloak I was wearing–eyes flashing, tongue lolling happily, and he seemed to be communicating to me(mentally, of course–although I suppose dogs COULD maybe talk in a dream!)–“I’m here! I’m right here!” Then I called another, and HER head appeared likewise from the cloak–and another, and another(I’ve had A LOT of canines over the years!)–and suddenly I finally realized, that misty cloak was actually made up of the spirits of my many beloved dogs, all still with me, watching over me, protecting and comforting me still–all I had to do to conjure their memory up was to call their names. I then woke up suddenly, with tears in my eyes. But GOOD tears–that dream has been a great comfort to me ever since! Now when a beloved animal passes, I just think of them joining “the cloak”……L.B.

  5. Alex

    I’m sorry to hear about what happened to your sweet dog Scout; it has been a tough experience for her and you. Good to know that Sophie met nice new friends at your new home. Thanks Chris, for sharing more of your 2015, for the great messages and congratulations for what you’ve done! Best wishes for a great 2016!