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I’m excited to announce that I have a new article to promote!  My buddy (and very soon to be birthday boy) Clint Morris arranged this interview with publisher Mattie Rae for Talent Monthly Magazine.  She had thoughtful questions and really brought the article alive with a ton of colorful pictures!  My buddy and Radio America cinematographer Terrance Stewart shot the cover photo and another pal and director of Lady Bug, Brooks Campbell, did the graphic design for a new twist on Talent Monthly‘s theme.  I’m honored to be included in in this interesting and eclectic magazine!



You can take a sneak peak at the magazine here:



All Things Possible,


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  1. Hey Chris,
    Nice article (I downloaded the magazine, a deal at $1.99) – and I’m glad you worked in the “Billy Goat” story! Didn’t realize that you had risked your life during “Radio America” and I’m glad you made it down safely! No risk is too great for the art, eh?

    Glad you’re getting some much deserved publicity and glad to see you are still in “George” form. I know that your back wasn’t airbrushed or part of the special graphics for the cover – nor was that goofy grin!

    Take care and ATP!


    • ChristopherShowerman

      Thanks so much Dave!!!! Yeah, no airbrushing – however, if they had airbrushed the picture, I would have had them remove all my freckles on my back!!! And I’m impressed you recognized the Billy Goat story – I’ve told that story in different forms about a thousand times now!! 🙂 I really appreciate you checking it out!


      • David Wahr

        Somehow Chris, I think only you noticed the freckles! And you may not remember but your Billy Goat story is one of my favorites since as a young child, I too, acted in a version of “The 3 Billy Goats Gruff” as the Papa goat. Though mine was a back yard production which I wrote, directed and starred in (along with my sibs and a few other unsuspecting neighbor kids…get it “kids” like young goats – ha!).


      • Sus

        To let you know I saw this…and hope to download, as well. I’m commenting in the middle of Dave’s, as I love the Billy Goat story, too…for both of you! Congrats! I’m smiling, thinking it must be harder to interview you now that you’ve had so many more ATP experiences! 🙂

        • ChristopherShowerman

          Thanks Sue! Yes, how amazing of all the parts in all the plays in all the world and Dave and I play the same role in “The Three Billy Goats Gruff”!!! And though this was a fun interview, no one ever has nor ever will do quite as in depth article (Article series, that is) as you did in the Chris Chronicles!! THANKS!

          • Sus

            BTW forgot to say that I got the mag in the mail when returned from kids’ wedding week. Really nice to see the whole thing that way and enjoy the layout, photos, article… holding it in my hands :). A keeper for sure! And thanks for the wonderful sentiment up there. The most fun interviews ever 😉

  2. Tim

    Great picture concept for the article Chris. Your friends did you well. You know, you and I have the same back….. really white with freckles LOL. Give me a couple months and I hope to match you in “ripples” too. While our birthdays are only a day apart, I’m spotting you 9 years and almost as many inches in height so I’ll never be as wide as you but that won’t stop me from trying (playing the old/short card here). You are a good target to shoot for! One rep at a time ATP!

    Happy summer everyone….whats left of it


  3. Computer Functonally Illiterate

    Gettin’ in on this kinda late, but dang–hope I can read this some day–not able to(or just too computer dumb to figure out how) on this work computer–hopefully(hint hint) this article will eventually end up in the “articles and interviews” section on this blog, which I CAN access! Just sayin’…..L.B.

  4. Hey Guys!! Now you can read this article online for free! Just click on the magazine cover in this link:

    All Things Possible!

    • Tim

      Thanks for posting the additional link. That was very interesting. I like your concept of loaning your body and voice to give the character the only life he will have. I have never heard acting described quite that way before. I like it