Passion is a direction, not a destination, and it can’t exist without discontent.  Find your deepest frustrations, disappointments, and heartbreak.  Now point in the opposite direction.  The force with which you move in that direction is your passion.

All Things Possible,


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  1. Tim

    Just that picture is inspirational. I am forever taking pictures of sunrise scenes. A beautiful sunrise is, at least to me, very motivating yet at the same time, a reason to “pull over” and reflect for a moment.

    Love the thoughts about passion. So true. So very true


    • Sus

      Tim, hope you’re having a great summer with your projects. Miss the conversations. Chris, happened to check here this morning. Hope all is well. Yes, there is something about sunrises and sunsets that inspire. ATP is always in the view! Glad we have that affirmation to keep us going in these busy times. ATB always, Sue