Happy Leap Second!

Happy Leap Second Everyone!

That’s right!  Today we FALL BACK!  One second, that is.  So tonight, be sure to set your clocks back from 11:59:59pm to 11:59:58pm.  Turns out, ever since 1972 we have noticed that the earth’s rotation is gradually slowing down relative to the atomic clock.  So every so often we need to add a single second to the calendar year.  We have added 25 seconds since 1972 – the last leap second occurring on June 30th 2012.



Salvador Dali’s Melting Clocks

Good to remember that EVERY SECOND COUNTS!

All Things Possible,

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  1. Old Codger

    Yeah, thanks for that, Chris, thanks a lot. I AM that 10+1 double number ten plus one years older than yourself(ahem!), and NOW I find out I’m frikkin’ 25 seconds OLDER than I thought I was! Well, that much closer to “retirement”, I reckon……L.B.