All Things are Possible

20150228_194151Violet, the woman in charge of our hair on the project I’m working on, had this charm custom made for her.  I Love It!

All Things Possible,


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  1. Tim

    Thats very cool.

    Any details on the project you all are working on?


    • ChristopherShowerman

      Thanks Tim! I don’t know how specific I can be about the new project, but it’s a movie for the Lifetime Channel about a child getting abducted. More news to come…

  2. Scalp Conscience

    I don’t know about that, Chris, I just don’t know….I mean, she’s IN CHARGE of your hair, and might think “all things are possible” in that regard??? Perhaps I’m kinda sensitive because of that TV series I worked on many years ago( The series “Christy”–I was mostly as a construction laborer, but got pulled to be a “Xtra” a coupla times–gosh it was FUN!)–the hair and make-up ladies coveted my long hair in a bad way, and looked for any way to make me have to cut it! It had to be short for my portrayal as a “dirty deer hunter” in one episode, and they thought at last they could sheer me(they wanted my hair for their “extensions” collection!)–but I just tucked it up under my mountaineer’s hat to satisfy the director, and dodged a scalping! Much to the hair ladies’ dismay!…Glad to hear you’ve got a project going, and I’m sure we’ll get to hear about it all in good time! You might note, Chris, my new PRIVATE E-mail address someone helped me set up! Ahem!…..L.B.

    • ChristopherShowerman

      HAHA!! Well Lane, I hacked most of my hair off before the shoot to look more like a retired military guy, so there wasn’t much left for her to mess up. Besides, she was fantastic so I wasn’t worried!

      I didn’t know you were in CHRISTY the series! I’ll have to check that out!

      All Things Possible,

  3. Scalp Conscience

    Yup, I worked on that series for the whole two years it survived–canceled due to tiresome Hollywood politics, from what I gather. It was THE MOST POPULAR SERIES EVER regarding people writing/contacting CBS with positive feedback, at that time! But it wasn’t the then CBS president’s baby, so it got AXED, after two seasons. That president later got AXED himself, but not in time to save our series(sigh)….I found out about it through the casting ladies I met on ” Last Of The Mohicans”–they INSISTED I get on in any capacity with that series, filmed not too far where I lived. About a real-life teacher in a missionary school in early 1900’s Southern Appalachia(Tennessee)–the real-life history took place just down the road from where I lived! And they WERE going to film at the original sites, but it is STILL so undeveloped there(just how I like it!) they couldn’t even get a production trailer down to the place! So they filmed about 40-plus miles away in Townsend, Tenn.–a fair commute for me, but worth every gallon of gas in the end! WHAT an experience! FABULOUS PEOPLE I worked for! I was mainly a construction laborer, as I said, but I also did Greens work, some of the animal stuff(some funny stories there!), and eventually got “promoted” to a “Property Craftsman”, since I made a lot of props from stuff I got outta the woods on site! The Set Designer said I(and the other such inclined local boys) saved them a FORTUNE being able to do that! And I did TWO Xtra parts, thanks to the super director Mike Rhodes always plugging us locals wherever he could. Don’t strain yer eyes too much, though, tryin’ to spot me! I was the GHOST of “Bonnie Prince Charlie”(in the episode “Lost And Found”) in one episode(in full tartan dress!), and a “dirty deer hunter” in another–MAINLY to have someone on set and on camera that could handle the dogs used in the episode “The Hunt”!….to be continued….L.B.

  4. Scalp Conscience

    ….and anybody interested in a hillbilly’s(we now prefer the term “Southern Highland American”–ahem!) viewpoint of working on a Hollywood TV series can read all about it on this contraption! Just go to the “Christyfest” website, go to the Message Board, and scroll down the Christy Forum to “Christy the TV series” and read about every episode if you choose! The best episodes with my stories are “The Pilot”, “Lost And Found”, and “The Hunt”–I think I did tell stories for posterity on most all the episodes–my blog name is “Delusional Figment”, since, as my most recognized part in the series, I WAs an exhausted, delusional teen-ager’s vision(the Ghost of Bonnie Prince Charlie–Prince for a day!). YES, “Christy” has a HUGE fan base–both the book and TV series(the book has been around since the 1960’s)–nothing so massive in number like the “trekkies” of course, but in the same sense, I named(as a term of endearment) the dedicated Christy fans “Crispies”! I don’t think anyone has been offended–they keep having me back to tell stories in person most every year–yes, they meet in Townsend, Tenn, where we filmed it, for over 15 years now! Talk about DEDICATED fans!….L.B.

    • Susan Parcheta

      Saw that Jane Goodhall is speaking in Washington, D.C. April 17 and wondered if you’ll be there 🙂

      • Scalp Conscience

        Nope, gotta work then, alas–NOBODY allowed extra time-off during both Easter weeks holiday here–a HUGE visitor attendance at the zoo then! Washington D. C. would also be pushing my travel limits(remember, I can’t be gone more than a night or two from my mega-dog pack, which I have ZERO help maintaining), and a city I would prefer not to visit again(I DID go there prior to my dream trip to Africa, lo, those many years ago, to pick up stuff from the National Geo society to deliver to Jane in Tanzania–THAT’S a story in itself! Noooo–didn’t much like our HOSTILE capital city!). I’d be MUCH more likely to catch her at her next stop in Roanoke Virginia, only a coupla hours drive North for me–but again, alas, I havta work, and DON’T DARE try to be demanding in any way just now, being on a pariah list here! But I’ll likely catch her nearby somewhere again before too long–although I WISH she’d take it easier–she is 81 now! Her B-day was April 3rd, in fact! She has a great website, too, as you might imagine, that you might check out sometime. You can click on her name at the top, scroll down to “lectures and events” to see where-all she’s traveling–if you get ANY chance to attend one of her lectures, I HIGHLY recommend it! Jane is most assuredly a proponent of ATP!!!….L.B.

  5. Susan Parcheta

    finally checking in here… hello to Chris, Laine, Tim….and I think I recall Laine mentioning Christy long ago and I’d forgotten. I remember the book and series. Will go take a look-see! Happy Spring all… Sue

    • Susan Parcheta

      Lane, good reading re Christy. Just realized I’ve been spelling your name wrong. BTW, blessings to you for all your eco-efforts in your work, and Happy Easter wishes to Chris’ forum friends.