It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in the States.  Now if you’re not in the United States, that’s ok!  We’d be glad to share this holiday with you!!  It’s basic tenant is to remember all of the things you have to be thankful for!  (And then we celebrate by overeating ourselves into a coma – you don’t have to do that part if you don’t want.)     🙂



Every day is a good excuse to take a moment to be grateful for something.  Chances are you have a TON of really amazing and unique things in your life that you could count as you are counting your blessings!  This awesome online community of cyber-friends is one of the blessings I count on a regular basis!

Also I’m very grateful to my talented and artistic friend Stefy for another vibrant and colorful card!!!  You all make me feel very very lucky!!

Have a safe and grateful holiday weekend!

All Things Possible,

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  1. I hope that you and yours had a great Thanksgiving too Chris. I was fortunate to once again celebrate with family, though I’ll admit I did restrain myself some and allowed a taste of the delicious food but didn’t eat myself into a “coma.” Like everyone else I have my own troubles but so far the things and especially the people I’m grateful to have met have far outweighed everything else. Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend – Christmas is almost here!

    • ChristopherShowerman

      Thanks David!! We have enjoyed following your fitness progress on your FB page. Congratulations!! Keep up the great work!!!

      • Chris,
        I’ve got a new blog, too. Deals with my Crohn’s as well as other fitness and life stuff. It’s at and everyone is welcome to check it out and comment if they like.

        I hear you’re no slouch at this fitness stuff yourself (ha). Keep up the great work and the great inspirations – physically and spiritually!

  2. Susan Parcheta

    I’m late, I’m late, for that very important Thanksgiving date :). So I’ll jump in here and wish all a very beautiful December of appreciating all that we have, and I DO appreciate all the forum family connections, always. Dave glad to hear of your blog. Will go check it out! ATB/ATP…Sue

  3. Tim

    Not to worry Sue, you are not alone in the late Thanksgiving greetings. I just got back from Kentucky having spent the holiday with friends that I had not seen in 13 years (thankful that we reconnected after all this time). We were way deep into the heart of nowhere and I got to see and meet some interesting folks. Lots of Amish and Mennonites in the area. Fascinating people and lifestyles. I managed to stay internet and social media free for a whole week although I did send a few texts just to make sure my dogs were behaving themselves. Thankfully, all stayed good on the home front.

    Tomorrow means back to the grind. I hope everyone has a great Christmas season!