Halloween 2014

Happy Halloween Everyone!

It’s a fun time to be in Los Angeles for Halloween because everyone seems to go all out for this holiday.  It’s like Halloween Town from The Nightmare Before Christmas!  There are HUGE Halloween Parades and a new seasonal costume shop opens every other block.  I think it’s because we all come to tinsel town hoping to get away from who we think we were to become someone else.  Only to find out that, as they say, no matter where you go, there you are!  But under the layers of story that our ego creates, we’re still the same being under the costume.

Scout and Sophie show their heart and courage.

These are two of my favorite beings, Scout and Sophie, being patient while they show their heart and courage waiting to see their veterinarian.  🙂

Natasha  and I have been volunteering at a nearby haunted house to help raise money for the local school district.  Spooky!

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I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween!

All  Things Possible!

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  1. And a happy Halloween to you, Natasha, Scout and Sophie. You guys sure know how to celebrate the “season” right!

  2. Alex

    Greetings everyone!

    Great words and very nice, funny photos Chris: Natasha, you, Sophie and Scout look great and perfect for this holiday.

    Happy, Wonderful, Safe Halloween to all of you!

    • Susan Parcheta

      OK… I finally got around to check…and there you are in Halloween glory! Awesome! Pretty quiet back here in “flyover country” 🙂 and just a little bit too cold with that first arctic blast of the season!

  3. Practicing Lycanthrope

    Gawd, how I love Halloween, too–as a kid it was bigger than Xmas for me! I never had any problem accepting who/what I was, nor any desire to change–it was everyone else that had problems with who/what I was/am! Yet it is STILL great fun to “dress up”, and of course one doesn’t HAVE to wait for Halloween for that! Some of my most risky adolescent behavior(since I never took to the drugs or alcohol BORING habits of contemporary adolescents) was outfitting myself with homemade costumes of various monsters/creatures, and terrorizing little kids in my neighborhood–all the local mommies HATED me, and I caused my parents lots of stress and embarrassment, but gosh, I had FUN! This carried on well into late teen-age years, when my last performances concentrated on Sasquatch sightings. So be VERY dubious about any Bigfoot sightings you read about in North Carolina or Georgia circa late 1970’s!!! Alas, Halloweens are rather dull for me in my dotage, but ahhhhh, the memories! I DID go see “Dracula Untold” to kinda celebrate–I figured it would be a good-‘un, since the whiny critics were making snotty comments about it–and I was RIGHT! I LOVED it! Good lesson for folks nowadays on just HOW LONG that Christianity-Islamic conflict has been going on. We could use Vlad’s assistance with ISIS just now, actually…..And getting in on this a bit late, so happy Guy Fawke’s Day everbody!(Nov. 5th). Is it just one of those appropo coincidences that Guy Fawke’s Day is the day after ELECTIONS in this country??? A good way to celebrate this holiday is to watch/rewatch THE BEST anti-totilatarian guvmint control movie EVER MADE–“V For Vendetta”!!!…..L. B.

    • Susan Parcheta

      Lane, enjoyed your post. Trying to remember to check back here more often. Tell me where your zoo is again? Could be heading that way south sometime if we go a different route. Kids are not out near Chris anymore. Gone from CA forever I suspect…down in the Baja at last on their forever planned dream (at least a decade) sailing adventure. Mother Bear (that would be me) tries to “keep calm and sail on” as was on a tee someone gave our daughter. Won’t see them until next year in August at our son’s wedding. BTW have you started your book yet? I probably said that before. Awesome tales! — Sue

      • Practicing Lycanthrope

        The N. C. Zooillogical(ahem!) Park where I work is dead center in the state of North Carolina, outside AsheBORO(not to be confused with AsheVILLE in the mountains to the West, where I WISH the Zoo was located!). So be sure and take a day and stop by–I’ll be yer personal tour guide! And it takes ALL of one day to see all of this place….. Hadn’t started a book yet, although it SHOULD be safe for most of my stories now–what’s the Statute Of Limitations? Seven years I think? Actually, I met an author at that ERB gathering in 2012(where I missed meeting Mister Showerman, dangit!) that was very interested in collaborating with me on my teen-age Sasquatch Impersonations. We have stayed in touch(via this contraption I’m on right now!), but he is a very busy fellow with many irons in the fire–but maybe one day…..L. B.

        • Practicing Lycanthrope

          ….and of course, if Mister Showerman wants the film rights to “Confessions Of A Teen-Age Sasquatch”, I’d give him first dibs! It could probably be done on a shoe-string budget–the gorilla suit–if accurately portraying my homemade efforts–would be VERY cheap and of poor quality! The actors portraying victims would need to be good screamers, of course….L.B.