The Cosmos

The Cosmos


Have any of you watched the new reboot of The Cosmos?  It is SO FASCINATING!!  I didn’t see the Carl Sagan original version but I did catch his now very famous an humbling monologue called THE PALE BLUE DOT.  (If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s well worth a few minutes of your time.)

The new Cosmos series is hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson and is visually rich with images that help to make sense of the science involved.  I have always loved science and I think if it were presented to kids in this format more of them would learn to love it too!  The entire series is available to stream on Netflix or you can go directly to the Cosmos website at: where you’ll find a few extras and behind the scenes features as well!


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  1. Hey Chris,
    I watched the whole series this summer when it aired on FOX. Did you know that one of the executive producers was Seth McFarlane (Family Guy)? Good to see that he was involved in some educational TV in addition to his other shows (which I enjoy, but they don’t really make you think like Cosmos does). I’ve always enjoyed science and Neil deGrasse Tyson’s narration was spot on. He has a flair for presenting/delivering complex ideas in an understandable way – though he didn’t write for the show he also served as Executive Science editor for an episode. Anyway, I really, really liked the show and would love to see a second season.

  2. Insignificant Mote

    Yeah, I think I caught all or most of those episodes when it showed on FOX(one of the few regular DTV channels I get). REALLY made me feel insignificant! As I think we ALL need to feel sometimes to keep things in perspective! A good natural disaster movie will do that for you, too–just watched my cheapo used copy of the new “Pompeii”–despite some severe criticism from some(okay, it WAS chock full of cliché’s–but hey, cliché’s are FUN!)–I liked it just fine–the volcano effects were INCREDIBLE! Makes me sorry I didn’t get around to seeing it on the Big Screen(yes, I still have a small 19 inch old-fashioned TV, and zero plans to “upgrade”…). but back to “Cosmos”–one thing I really enjoyed/was-enlightened-by regarding this series, was the relating of the scientists’ personal lives and struggles to try and do their work and advance their ideas–we often forget how such great minds of the past had to struggle against stupidity, greed, egos, and ignorance just like we all do now to accomplish anything! Great inspiration to hear of their struggles, and know of their accomplishments despite such…..L. B.

  3. Susan Parcheta

    Lane, Dave, Chris and all…
    Hope your October in the Cosmos is going beautifully, and many blessings for a fantastic, thrilling, fun, amazing and memorable Halloween! Where’s Jaschenka I wonder with her Samhain moment? 😉 Ah, those were the days, my friends…. ATP wishes! Sue