Hot Sauce


For no apparent reason, I wrote this song today.  I loved the groove and wanted to share it with you guys:


HOT SAUCE   ©2014 Christopher Showerman


There are a couple of other pieces on my music page if would like to check them out.


All Things Possible,

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  1. Tim

    I really like this. Can you create about 75 minutes worth? I’m thinking it would be good to work out to….much better than the Britney Spears they were playing at the gym this morning. Nothing stalls a set faster than Britney can!

    • Susan Parcheta

      Tim, I agree. This is great. It would be fun to walk to, as well. LOL, though, Chris when you said you wrote a song, I was expecting singing too! Glad you’re getting more into your music. Always enjoy it. Sue

  2. Tim, I thought that it was more of a song to listen to while driving because of the beat and pulse of it.

    Chris, I liked it and it’s certainly a reminder of your degree in music composition. I’m curious – how did you record the music? On a computer program, synthesizer, or what?


  3. ChristopherShowerman

    Thanks for the responses!! Tim, I love the idea of putting together a workout collection! Maybe I should start organizing my ideas in that fashion so people would know what to do with the music! And yes Sue, it could be used for walking as well!!

    David, I put this together in Garage Band using the instruments that I had in that library. Garage Band is a great piece of software that is really easy to use!

    Thanks all! Have a great week!


  4. Weaned On Tex Mex

    With a title like that, I thought it was for listening to while eating Mexican food! Quite something–yer a kinda talented feller, Chris! The workout CD sounds like a saleable idear. I personally prefer Classical Music(although I’ve never been able to stomach Opera….), for which I have received my fair share of grief over the years(especially in college living in a dormitory!), and though I don’t belong to a gym(I DO have quite the hodge-podge of weights scattered throughout my house), it does make me wonder the reaction I might get if I did join one and put Stravinsky’s “Rite Of Spring”, some of Dvorak’s Slavic dances on while working out! Yeah, I’d best stay at home……

    • ChristopherShowerman

      Hey Lane!
      I’m a big fan of Classical music too! You should try working out to Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana!

      • Weaned On Tex Mex

        Ha! I LOVE this music, but I know it as the “Excalibur” soundtrack! Ha! All the BEST composers of music, modern or otherwise, almost always DO have an appreciation of Classical. Who made that rule you can only like ONE kind of music? Some people treat musical tastes rather like religion, I think. As I mentioned, during my years incarcerated in college, I was continuously verbally bashed for liking Classical. Anytime I put on a record album on in my room(yeah, we had RECORD PLAYERS back in them days!), certain intolerant types often would put on some of their Heavy Metal or some such in adjacent rooms, and crank it up to spite me, to the point I literally COULDN’T even hear my own music in my own room! And for the longest, there was little I could do(in the way of music) to retaliate. UNTIL…..I also love lots of various ethnic and folk music, including BAGPIPES! Aye, laddie, ah dinna kyare hoo lawd tha bleedin’ sots tirnd yon Rock-n-rollll oop, thar was nobbut thet kood oot-peerce yon pipes! I’d bring them their KNEES with my bagppipe albums, and I finally got a wee bit o’ respect henceforth!…..L. B.

  5. Tim

    Classical? It might not be a purist’s version but I love “Bond”

    More than just eye candy…..but the eye candy doesn’t hurt

  6. Susan Parcheta

    A great conversation here, guys… keep it up! ATB autumn sounds!
    All genres welcome 😉