Happy Independence Day!


This is a card I just got in the mail custom made by my awesome pal Stephy!  THANKS!!

Happy Independence Day!

Here in the United States we celebrate the day that we, as a country, adopted the Declaration of Independence on  July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain.  As with most holidays we have pretty much gotten off topic and it now means a day off of work, lots of food and drinks, outdoor games, and of course fireworks!

However, getting back to the point, what in your life do you wish to be free of?  What are you going to declare your independence from today?  Maybe you want to be free of a smoking habit?  Or free of debt??  Or free to pursue a dream you put on the back burner???  As with all of these declarations, this means war against the force to which you feel enslaved.  These fights are never easy, and usually involve pain and sacrifice.  Then again, how much is it worth to you to reclaim the full effectiveness of your life, your power and your unrealized potential to make all things possible?  That’s your birthright!!  And that’s worth fighting for!!!!!

All Things Possible!

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  1. Gladitorious commentarious

    Indeed! As a zookeeper, I didn’t get the day off(somebody’s gotta feed the critters!), but I did, as I traditionally do on the 4th of July, listen to Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture(interesting how that has become such a common American tradition now) at home after work, and then watched the final episode(“Kill Them All!”) of the first season of the Starz “Spartacus” series–which I managed to get a cheap used copy awhile back. WHAT a splendid way to spend the evening of the 4th! Gosh, well done as that series is, it is rather depressing and infuriating and disturbing(I thought, doubly so knowing the TRAGIC untimely actual death of the main star….), and I myself was SO READY for the inevitable uprising I was practically yelling at the TV screen! Incredibly(ahem!) satisfying final episode!!! Now if only I can find a reasonably priced copy of season 2…..and season 3(sigh)……