Thanks to all of you who sent me birthday wishes either here or on face book or even sent me a warm thought this past week!  I had a great birthday where I was continuously reminded of how rich I am in relationships with wonderful amazing fascinating and good hearted people!  Even if we have never met in person, I’m glad our paths could cross in some way – I have been affected and influenced by you all!


All Things Possible,

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  1. Susan Parcheta

    I got a nudge to check this today. And we’ve been affected and influence by you and ATP, as well! It’s been an amazing, wonderful journey for forum fans and friends. “Thanks for the memories” as some wise Hollywood person said!…. Sue

  2. Tim

    What Sue said.

    Hope everyone has a great/safe 4th!


  3. Alex

    Thanks Chris for these your lovely words and thoughts!