Road Trippin!

Howdy Folks!

Me and my gal and our dogs just got back from a WONDERFUL road trip through the southwest United States.  We visited some breathtaking geological landmarks including:

Zion National Park, Utah:Zion National Park

Bryce Canyon, Utah:Bryce Canyon

Valley Of Fire, Nevada:Valley of Fire(This particular rock formation is known as the GRAND PIANO.  So here I am playing a little Rock Piano.)

The Hoover Dam – on the border of Nevada and Arizona:Hoover Dam

Our dogs, Sophie and Scout, consider herding up some cattle that happened to be grazing at Kodachrome State Park in Utah:Sophie at Kodachrome State Park Scout at Kodachrome State Park

So I hope I have inspired you to consider the natural option for your next vacation and check out some of the magnificent lands that have been preserved and maintained for you by your state and federal tax dollars.  They really are national treasures!!

Sunset near St. George, Utah

All Things Possible,

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  1. UNdentable pecker

    FFFFFFFFFFFFantastic! I was wondering when there might be another post regarding some Showerman- and -tribe nomadism! And glad to see a post on Sophie and Scout, too–I was wundrin’ how those two were doing……And I wasn’t stuttering above–just trying to beat the apparent decapitation of whatever first word one tries to use when posting, which seems to occur on this post’s comment section. Maybe it’s trying to force me to indent. But I rather prefer to remain undentable when pecking out a reply(ahem!)……And, don’t know if anyone else out there(WHERE ARE ALL YOU GUYS, by the way?????) had any trouble getting on this blog, but for several days, my(stupid) work computer couldn’t bring up this ATP website. ATP IS NOT one of this computer’s mottos, that’s for sure. It could also have something to do with my computer illiteracy. Anyway, seems to be working fine now!…..I hope, Chris, you just PRETENDED to play the rock piano, and weren’t doing military presses or deadlifts or anything with that rock. I saw on the news recently where someone got prosecuted for pushing over one of those rock formations, which the illegal rock pusher had STOOOOPIDLY filmed himself doing, and then posted himself to the world! So hopefully there is no evidence(not for long, anyway) of all that beef Sophie and Scout helped fill your freezer with(if such a thing might’ve happened). Yeah, wish I could go on such trips with my pack. A bit problematic with 11 dogs and 4 ferrets, all of which don’t necessarily get along very well………..But great fun enjoying such, vicariously on this site!…..L.B.

    • ChristopherShowerman

      HAHA!!! Yes Lane, it was quite an adventure!! I’m sure if you took your whole tribe out and about it sounds like it would be akin to a traveling circus!!

      And it was not your computer’s fault that you couldn’t bring up this site either. We had a glitch on the website that grounded us for a couple of days until we got it ironed out. Thanks for being diligent!!! Have a phenomenal week!

  2. Thanks for the photos, these just remind me that it’s been too long since I’ve been in the southwest (not counting Southern CA). Zion, Bryce, etc. are all beautiful places to visit – and the skies at night are so clear that you can see the Milky Way in a way you just can’t here “out east.”

  3. Susan Parcheta

    Hi all…I forget to come and check the new site, and was reminded by Chris’ folks today that there was a new post. Wonder if there’s an email feature for alerting us to new posts? 🙂 I could tell you if I’d get busy on my own Word Press site…ha. Will try to come her more often. Good to hear the voices of Lane and Dave. Your photos remind me of our Route 66 road trip last Easter zipping along to CA to see our daughter. First time for driving westward ho all the way to the ocean. Gives you an enormous feeling for the enormity of the USA. And we managed to catch a glimpse of Grand, Zion and Bryce on the way… also firsts. Would love to go back. Loved NM especially. Happy Easter everyone! ATB Sue

  4. Alex

    Thanks Chris for sharing these beautiful photos and experience; beautiful natural places are always a great choice.

    Nice to read your comments Sue, Lane and Dave.

    Take care and Happy Easter everyone!