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Howdy All!

Thanks for checking in!  Here is the latest news with the VITALS project.  If you haven’t seen the new poster yet, there is yours truly up there after having some “work done”.  Staci Layne Wilson from Dread Central came to set on one of our shoot days to interview the cast.  She was lovely and very patient to wait for us all to become available (it can get pretty crazy on set when you’re shooting that much material in such a compressed schedule).

If you’d like to check out the interviews by myself, Charlene Amoia, or Sachin Mehta, you can click or paste the links below accordingly:

My interview about Vitals:

Charlene Amoia:

Sachin Mehta:


All Things Possible,


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Comments (5)

  1. Hey Chris, I haven’t listened to the interviews yet so maybe this question is answered there but is that tub filled with real ice? Brrrrr….


    • ChristopherShowerman

      Hey Dave!

      That was one of my first questions after reading the script!! Luckily it was plastic ice. I was pretty cold and wet the entire shoot anyway, but I think real ice would have surely killed me! They bought 10000 pieces of ice to fill the tub. I think they’ll be giving away pieces as memorabilia from the movie when it comes out.

      All Things Possible!

  2. Gutless Wonder

    Chris, hopefully you’re not one of those super serious METHOD ACTORS. And if you were, not only would this role be REALLY kinda debilitating, you really would have to use real ice, too. Or compromise your craft…. I did read the interviews–glad there’s gonna be a shark in the movie, I like sharks(in movies–ahem)! And it was neato you could get Alfred Hitchcock to help out. If this stuff is really just an urban myth now, it probably will catch on one of these days. But I should be purty safe, since I can never afford to go on a vacation…..And HEY! WHERE IS EVERYBODY? Has everyone defected to Twitterland now?…….L. B.

    • ChristopherShowerman

      HAHAHA!!! Luckily I leave the method acting to the professionals! 😉 If I were a method actor, I would have been killed about 8 or 9 times now!! Thanks for checking out the articles there. When I mentioned the shark, I was speaking metaphorically – sadly we don’t get to have a real shark in Vitals. But there IS a shark in Lady Bug!! So that’s something to look forward to!!

      Yes, I think everyone went on Vacation to Twitter. Hope they come back safely!

      All Things Possible!

      • Shark Bite Victim

        Yes, I really know how to spell “Chris”–the computer margin cut me off last reply. And a Metaforikull Shark? I ain’t familiar with that species. Sounds extra dangerous……And just in case someone thinks I really AM that dumb–I like to make fun of all the “internet skimmers” out there that never learn how to carefully READ and INTERPRET CORRECTLY what they read–a big pet peeve of mine! So, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.! But my tongue is firmly in my cheek when I do it(usually)….And OMG! Everyone vacationing at Twitter???!!! That explains it! Vacations! Twitter! Organ theft! ALL THEIR BRAINS HAVE BEEN REMOVED!!!!!…..L.B.