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This topic is by request.  Someone asked me this week to state my views about the paparazzi on the forum and open it up for discussion.  Well I for one am very disgruntled with those pesky paparazzi.  Mainly because they’re not chasing me and trying to get MY photo!  😉

Honestly, those who pursue a career in the public eye have to expect that a degree of success will bring a reduction of privacy.  It would be like a marine biologist not wanting to get wet.  More than ever now the public is as interested in the lives of public figures at least as much as their professional product that they provide.  And savvy performers in the industry know how to use that to their advantage.  Brittany Spears and the young Bieber boy both enjoyed exponential popularity as their behavior became more erratic and crazy.

So what are your thoughts on this TMZ culture we have created?

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  1. Dave Wahr

    For the most part I agree with you Chris. Those in the public eye need to expect a certain loss of privacy, especially when they chose to be there. But I think that sometimes things get out of hand, not only by paparazzi but by our “legitimate” news sources as well. Helicopters at weddings? Car chases? Peeking over walls and gates? Really? Of course, we as a society are partly to blame due to our seemingly insatiable desire to know what celebrities are doing. Speaking of which – what are you doing right now Chris?



  2. Paparazzi Popper

    This is a subject that I have gotten more and more angry about over the years, far, far away as my reclusive life is from anything like it! I also USED to think that well, yeah, celebz kinda should expect a certain amount of intrusion, and I still feel that way, but MUCH LESS tolerant of this ABUSE as time has gone on. Perhaps it is because I think of it from an animal’s perspective(being around other non-human animals way more than people), and how, if the Paparazzi were mobbing an animal celebrity(Lassie, or Rin-Tin-Tin, or Trigger, or Benji, or Bart the Bear say–except I reckon Bart could take care of them purty handily!) and harassing and freaking them out, I bet the general public would be OUTRAGED! But human celebrities don’t deserve the same considerations? Public venues? Well, okay. Private homes and outings and vacations? NO WAY should ANYONE intrude on that, just as they shouldn’t with any other citizen! THE WORST is the mobbing of celebz with their kids, freaking out the poor offspring–if the Paparazzi did that to anyone else, they would get arrested! And I think they should be when they intrude on ANYONES” private life! Seems like humans just HAVE to have some sort of “royalty” to gossip and ogle, and celebz fill that role in the U.S.A.(and other countries)–with ONE BIG DIFFERENCE. REAL royalty in the good ole days wouldn’t have tolerated such harassment, and any behavior as exhibited by modern paparazzi would have provided a lot of heads to decorate a lot of pickets in the kingdom! And peasant though I am, I’d feel the high-and-mighty were justified in those cases! Perhaps SOMEONE should start a club–call it “Paparazzi Poppers”, and trail THOSE guys around and harass them! water balloons, rotten eggs, overripe tomatoes–gawd, it could be real SPORT! Something the nimble and fleet-of-foot youth of this country could really excel in!!! Give them some CONSTRUCTIVE delinquency to get involved in! To get it started, SOMEONE could make a fictitious MOVIE about it–make it funny as crap! Then maybe it would catch on, and become a real fad………