The best movie of the year:

OK, in my humble opinion, Gravity is by far the best movie of 2013.  And there were a lot of really wonderful movies in 2013 too!  But this movie was so revolutionary in so many ways.  Having just gotten to see the behind-the-scenes material on the movie, they had to invent and innovate a ton of new ways to get images on the screen.  And the result is mind blowing!!  However, though I love the film makers for all the clever things they did to make the movie, I love the movie because of the profound emotion and primal human instincts it evokes in me, the audience.  I’m often wrong about the outcome of the academy awards, but if this movie gets overlooked, I’d say it’s time to clean house at the academy.

I would love to hear your opinion on what was your favorite movie last year and why.  And I’d love to hear if you have a different opinion that I do!  That’s what’s great about art – we all experience it differently!!  Just please don’t put any spoilers in your posts in case someone hasn’t seen that movie yet.


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  1. Kevin Orlin Johnson

    Well, if you say so–yes, the technical aspects are fascinating, but I’m just not much of a fan of movies in which people get into trouble for having put themselves into hazardous situations. It’s kind of like those news stories in which inexperienced hikers have to be rescued at immense trouble and expense because they didn’t have brains enough to stay at home. I just don’t see a story there. As my friend Carla sums up those reports, “Stupid fool.”

    I wouldn’t phrase it just that way. But I do have to smile when I remember the way in which Lady Violet Bonham Carter put it: “Outer space is no place for a person of breeding.”

    But, if you say so, OK. I’ll look into it.

  2. I haven’t seen “Gravity” yet, but will as soon as it becomes available on Netflix. I really enjoyed “Saving Mr. Banks” and thought that it was the best movie I’ve seen all year. But to be fair, it was about the only “serious” movie I saw. Everything else was pretty much sci-fi, fantasy, etc. Oh, and I can’t forget about “Frozen” I really liked that one, too!

  3. Bjorn

    Gosh, been awhile since I saw a movie in town. I’ve seen NONE of the Academy picks, so I can’t be much of a critic. Of them all, the only one that sparked some potential interest was “Twelve Years a Slave”. I’ll likely see that one, one day. When it ends up super cheapo on DVD(sorry! I gotta tight bujitt! I havta buy a LOT more dogfood than most folks!). I DID HAVE to go see the 2nd “Hobbit” movie on the big screen! Yeah, I LOVE Jackson’s interpretations of Tolkien! Does that count? And MY favorite character(in the book as well as the “Hobbit” movie) is Bjorn the Bearman! Maybe because my house and collection of critters is a lot like his…..Geek factoid time–did you know “Bjorn” means “bear”? And that the nobility term “Baron” is a corruption of “Bjorn”? The “Berserkers” fit in there somewhere, too. No wonder I like this character……L. B.