Year of the Horse!

2014 - Year of the Horse


You may or may not know that the Chinese zodiac system started around 200 BC and has 12 zodiac signs – just like the 12 astrological zodiac signs that are more common here in the west.  In China, the zodiac signs are in effect for a whole year and based on a lunar calendar (as opposed to a monthly rotation) and their implied qualities indicate how others see you or how you choose to see yourself.  However, the Chinese also have monthly, daily, and even HOURLY animal signs that all have different significance.

The year of the horse is suppose to signify that it is a year of advancement.  A good year for entrepreneurs and those willing to make brave bold moves.  Hmmm, even if you don’t get into all of this Zodiac stuff, that still sounds like good advice!!

Have a great (Chinese) New Year!


All Things Possible,

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  1. A Boar

    Awright!!! I THINK I finally got through on the previous post! Perhaps the comment format has now been altered for us Computer Dense Individuals? Excellent!….. As for the Chinese Zodiac, I’m afraid I was born in the year of the PIG(sigh). Sometimes I verify this with my eating habits and capacity. But to REALLY know pigs is to love them! They are amazing(if tasty) critters!…..L.B.

  2. Yet never a Bore....

    So now that I’m finally able to comment, let me finally congratulate you on your new website! And projects! Congrats! And now I can aggravate everyone just like on the old site!…..L.B.