Some of you may have seen already, but I am very excited about my next project coming up, entitled VITALS.  It is written and will be directed by Marc Morgensteen and produced my my pal Calix Reneau.  We just had the table read last weekend and it was very exciting to hear this powerful work come to life.


I’ll be working with really wonderful talent, such as Charlene Amoia, Claudia Wells, Tim Russ, and Sachin Metha.

Marc has put together an Indegogo campaign if you’re interested in finding out more:

Check back with me here and I’ll keep you all apprised of the developments.


All Things Possible,

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  1. Christopher Showerman

    For all of you following the Vitals project, we wrapped just before Christmas. It was an amazing experience and I was really lucky to work with such great talent! A huge thank-you to the tireless crew:

    Marc Morgenstern

    Calix Lewis Reneau
    Sheri Reeves
    Mark Napier
    Ashley Tinnon

    First AD:
    Richard J. Dubin

    Phenomenal camera crew:
    Dan Ayers
    Robert Hunter
    Matthew Maclean
    Bonnie Blake

    Our DI:
    Allan Schwartzenberger

    And awesome team of decorators/PAs/an all around everything else folks:
    Vic Harris
    Shanalyse Barnett
    Amber Lott
    Chris Russel
    Justin Dowdell
    Steven Leonard
    Mike Shields II
    Vic Chao
    Calix (The Ninth) Reneau
    “Sasha” Alexander Reneau
    Emily Cunningham
    Chris Gooch
    Natalie Gates

    Our awesome sound guy:
    Lee Peacher

    And our makeup department:
    Gabriela “Gabby” Castellanos
    Jocelyn Alcazar

    And the fantastic cast!!

    Charlene Amoia
    Sachin Mehta
    Claudia Wells
    Eamon Sheehan
    Curtis Lovegren
    Nick McCallum
    Tim Russ

    Thank you all so much for making this a wonderful experience. I look forward to working with all of you again someday soon!

    All Things Possible,