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Summer 2017

Hey Guys!!

Lots to share with you from the past several months!  First off, I got to kick off the summer with a crazy fun project directed by my crazy talented friend Paul Salamoff.  He wrote and directed a fascinating Sci-fi movie called ENCOUNTER.

Me and Paul on set.  BTW, that is not my costume, I was just goofing around during lunch with him. 


Then I got to do a lot of music writing for the project Double Blind that I mentioned here before.

While all that was going on, I was lucky enough to work with a bunch of really delightful young people and a few crazy adults on a local production of The Dream On Royal Street – a spoof on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

I play a glam-rock version of Oberon while Titania (Rachael McLaughlin) takes a bite out of my leg.  Our manager Puck (Tom Sebenis) can’t understand our childish antics. 

And finally, I just got back from a successful showcase in Las Vegas for my buddy Tegan Summer’s new musical Marilyn!  – about the life of Marilyn Monroe.  Gregory Nabours’s music in this is excellent!


Finally, I’d love your opinion on the new headshots I took with James DePietro:

I’d love your input.  Which one is your favorite?  Thanks for your thoughts!!

So what did you do this summer???


All Things Possible!!