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Enter The Fire

Hi Everyone!!

Sorry I have not posted much here lately.  I have lots of fun news to share, starting with a gig I finished in March called ENTER THE FIRE.  I recently got the opportunity to shoot a movie in San Francisco called Enter The Fire directed by Phil Gorn. It was my first martial arts genre film and I had a great time on set with everyone.  One of the high points was working with one of my childhood heroes, Lou FerrignoLou is a lovely man – the personification of Gentle Giant!

Here I’m talking with my younger brother, played by Ian Lauer.  We had so much fun working together! Ian is a great guy with a fantastic physique and a phenomenal work ethic.

On the streets of San Francisco in front of the restaurant that my character owns.

In real life, the restaurant is actually a fantastic eatery called TACKO owned by producer Doug Marschke.

Having a heart to heart with director Phil Gorn outside the MMA ring on the set of Enter the Fire.

It has been a busy year so more updates to come!!

All Things Possible!!