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Beneath The Underground

Hey Guys!!

I had a wonderful time doing this fun interview with Erin Sweet-Al Mehairi for the website
“Beneath the Underground.”


If you’re interested, click or copy the link below, and be sure to check out the rest of the site – it’s a very interesting site dedicated to film, comics, and literature.   (Jan 25)



Thanks again Erin231aa30b5d160f2a83b9875ac8f17fec for the great Interview!

You can learn more about Erin at her site :

and also:


All Things Possible!!

Now Available on Itunes!

Hey Guys!!

Just a quick note – we just found out that Radio America is now available on Itunes:



And the soundtrack is also available there as well!!  You can find the songs from Radio America here:





All Things Possible,

City Pulse

I am always honored and flattered when someone shows interest in what I’m doing.  And when they take the time and effort to put it into print, even more so!  I have been lucky to have popped up in print all over the country and abroad, but there’s something special about getting press in your hometown!

Thank you Lansing City Pulse, Ty Forquer, and Todd Heywood for this lovely article!


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On a side note, thanks to all of you who have shared my excitement with being part of the Supergirl series.  If you watched the show and didn’t see me – well that’s because I’m on screen for about 5 seconds.  But here is a great screen grab – thanks to my buddy Nathan Prenovost, from my first episode of Supergirl with Chris Vance.



UPDATE (1/9/2016):  If you would like to watch Supergirl, you can stream it here: and choose Episode 9 – Blood Bonds (Free to stream for a limited time).  My 5 second scene shows up at 24:25.

All Things Possible,