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Hercules Vs. Vampires

Today is an exciting day for me!  In fact, it is exciting for all of Los Angeles in general.  Because today is the day that my friend Patrick Morganelli will have the LA Opera premier of his multi-media opera Hercules Vs. Vampires.  Now it’s a big deal to have the LA Opera perform anything you have written, but Patrick has done something very different and it’s a new direction for the Opera company as well.


He took the 1961 Mario Bava movie “Hercules Vs. Vampires” starring Reg Park, and wrote his opera to the movie – to be performed in sync with the video!!  How cool is that?

Here is Patrick’s website if you’re curious about his music.  There are several examples of his boundless and eclectic musical talent, including work from Hercules Vs. Vampires and clips from his score for my movie Radio America.

I’m fascinated with people like Patrick who just seem to do everything they set their sights on.  For him, it was being a high level concert pianist, then a Top Gun F-14 fighter pilot for the Navy, then a film composer, and now a world class Opera composer.  So what does he do that is so special?  So different?  Patrick has amazing follow through and commitment to his ideas.  He believes in himself and takes continual proactive action towards his goals.  He constantly inspires me and I hope his story inspires you too!

And by the way, he’s a really really nice guy as well!  Yet another example that with commitment, focus, drive, and courage, ALL THINGS are POSSIBLE!

All Things Possible!