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It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in the States.  Now if you’re not in the United States, that’s ok!  We’d be glad to share this holiday with you!!  It’s basic tenant is to remember all of the things you have to be thankful for!  (And then we celebrate by overeating ourselves into a coma – you don’t have to do that part if you don’t want.)     🙂



Every day is a good excuse to take a moment to be grateful for something.  Chances are you have a TON of really amazing and unique things in your life that you could count as you are counting your blessings!  This awesome online community of cyber-friends is one of the blessings I count on a regular basis!

Also I’m very grateful to my talented and artistic friend Stefy for another vibrant and colorful card!!!  You all make me feel very very lucky!!

Have a safe and grateful holiday weekend!

All Things Possible,