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Road Trippin!

Howdy Folks!

Me and my gal and our dogs just got back from a WONDERFUL road trip through the southwest United States.  We visited some breathtaking geological landmarks including:

Zion National Park, Utah:Zion National Park

Bryce Canyon, Utah:Bryce Canyon

Valley Of Fire, Nevada:Valley of Fire(This particular rock formation is known as the GRAND PIANO.  So here I am playing a little Rock Piano.)

The Hoover Dam – on the border of Nevada and Arizona:Hoover Dam

Our dogs, Sophie and Scout, consider herding up some cattle that happened to be grazing at Kodachrome State Park in Utah:Sophie at Kodachrome State Park Scout at Kodachrome State Park

So I hope I have inspired you to consider the natural option for your next vacation and check out some of the magnificent lands that have been preserved and maintained for you by your state and federal tax dollars.  They really are national treasures!!

Sunset near St. George, Utah

All Things Possible,