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The best movie of the year:

OK, in my humble opinion, Gravity is by far the best movie of 2013.  And there were a lot of really wonderful movies in 2013 too!  But this movie was so revolutionary in so many ways.  Having just gotten to see the behind-the-scenes material on the movie, they had to invent and innovate a ton of new ways to get images on the screen.  And the result is mind blowing!!  However, though I love the film makers for all the clever things they did to make the movie, I love the movie because of the profound emotion and primal human instincts it evokes in me, the audience.  I’m often wrong about the outcome of the academy awards, but if this movie gets overlooked, I’d say it’s time to clean house at the academy.

I would love to hear your opinion on what was your favorite movie last year and why.  And I’d love to hear if you have a different opinion that I do!  That’s what’s great about art – we all experience it differently!!  Just please don’t put any spoilers in your posts in case someone hasn’t seen that movie yet.


Happy Awards Season,

All Things Possible,

Love is in the air…

Happy Valentine’s Day!


What a great day to tell the people you love that you love them!  Even if you think they already know – and especially if they don’t!  Say it loud and often!  After all, if not for love, why else are we here?

Love You!

All Things Possible,