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Thanks For the Memories 2013!!

As this year draws to an end, it’s a great time to reflect on all the really awesome things to be grateful for in the past year!!  For me, I’m so very grateful to have gotten starring roles in TWO really fantastic really intense movies!!  Thank you Brooks Campbell and Marc Morgenstern for your great scripts and encouraging direction!!

I also got to be a part of several fun projects and meet a lot of really talented dedicated filmmakers through the Reducation program thanks to my friend Emma Cameron.  My buddy Calix Reneau brought me in on TWO projects this year and I’m very appreciative of that.  I’m looking forward to making some more music with Calix as well!  And I got to play one of the title roles in a new web series created by Katharine and Tom Moser called Captain Fantastic and Mega Mom.

Thanks so much to Vic Cook for bringing me in to voice a couple of lines with the astoundingly great vocal cast of Scooby Doo!  And a huge thank-you to my great pal Dean Zimmerman who brought me in to be a part of my first loop group at Warner Brothers.

On a personal level, Natasha and I celebrated a decade of being together – another personal best!  And I was very proud to be a part of my almost-daughter’s gaining her driver’s license.  Congratulations and Love You Chanel!  Our dogs Sophie and Scout have gotten fantastic at taking voice commands and can be walked off leash in low traffic areas.  Also, I got a new office mate – Tom Moser – who continually inspires me with his boundless talent, humor, and wit. We got to travel back to Michigan to celebrate my step father’s 90th (!!!) birthday.  Here’s to 90 more Frank!  We also got to see a bunch of Tennessee this autumn during a trip to celebrate my cousin Brittany Vogt’s marriage to a great guy Eric.

We got a shiny new website in November thanks to my wonderful friend Kurt Ahrens!   Also our movie Radio America is finally finding a home for distribution!!!  (details pending)  I got to perform live all over the country with my wonderful friend Carole Linn.  I also bought a new car and made some great friends in the process.

I feel so blessed to have all of you who energize this website and support me in my career.  There are no words to express my gratitude to you all.  Thank you for being a part of my 2013 and may you all have a fun, fulfilling, and phenomenal 2014!!

All Things Possible,